Thursday 28 June 2018

Jersey Plants Direct

Following the post a few days ago about the trees and contacting Jersey Plants Direct about the two Braeburn trees that were supplied as part of the Lucky Dip Offer that didn't grow, I have heard back from them after providing them with photographs of the two dead twigs and they thanked me for providing details of the issues and are sending me a credit voucher in the post. 

So I have no idea how much the voucher will be for because the offer was £59.97 worth of six trees for the price of £19.99 which is the price that they sell combinations of two trees for. 

However much the voucher is for I will use to go towards replacing the two Braeburn trees. The only combination other than going for another six lucky dip that may possibly give me two apple trees is the Golden Delicious & Braeburn combo so that's the one I'm looking at the moment, and the Golden Delicious that I received as part of the last year luck dip is growing really nicely.  

Existing Golden Delicious awaiting its final home on the new allotment plot, I'm not sure if I should stake the tree to make sure it grown vertically? If you know then please tell me.

Sweet Tasting Fruits all Summer Long!

Imagine the delight of picking your own apples, fresh from your garden or patio. Now you can with this pair of Patio Apple Trees. Containing 2 of the most popular varieties, Braeburn and Golden Delicious, they are easy to grow, require little training or pruning and will produce an abundance of healthy delicious fruit from a single stem.
Golden Delicious: A popular variety producing a heavy crop of medium sized yellow fruit, with a sweet and tasty flavour.
Braeburn: Britain's favourite apple! Easy-to-grow with excellent yields of crisp, juicy red fruit.

Collection Varieties Golden Delicious & Braeburn
Height 1.5 - 2.5m
Spread 30 - 35cm
Harvesting October
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade
Sold As 9cm Pot
Despatch Period Mid October to November

The dispatch period is Mid October - November, so I will keep and eye out for them to come back into stock and order once I have the voucher. When in stock they normally dispatch within 10 days from order.

UPDATE Saturday 30th June - A voucher arrived today for £19.99 which is the price I paid for the 6 Tree lucky dip but also the price for buying two trees from Jersey Plants Direct, I have to say I'm very please with how they dealt with my enquiry re if they had other report problems with the Braeburn Trees and I will be replacing the trees when they are back in stack and would defiantly use this company again. 

Great Customer Service what more can anyone ask ! 

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