Saturday 23 June 2018

Carrot bed

The two Daleks on the left are the ones from the Spencer Road plot that were brought over last Saturday.  

Early morning visit on site at 7:15 and spent two hours, part in tidying up, part in watering and feeding the tomatoes with comfrey mix and part in attacking the carrot bed.

Once I had cleared the weed from the bed, I could see just how few carrots had survived so

I have some Carrot seed tapes so I filled in the gaps and covered with multipurpose compost and watered them in.

Then covered up to keep out the carrot root fly, not that I'm thinking there were enough in there to actually attract them if they are around. next year I have to be more on it and sow directly early under a cloche as growing in loo rolls didn't rally pan out this year apart from those on the right hand side of the bed. 

The weed have been added to the weed drowning bucket for conversion into plant feed

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