Monday 2 July 2018

Too Bloody Sunny!

Another early Sunday morning start on the allotment, I watered as much as I could that was still in the shade and then got into weeding the Onions and The Cucumber beds as the sun tore across the sky and worked it's way up the plot.

I'm English so the idea day for anything never really exists, but I love the fact that it takes to around 12noon for the sun to get to the point where its actually up and on the shed, it means I have somewhere to work or although I don't take many breaks to sit and have a cup of coffee from the flask or a cold drink and cool down before starting again.

I have an awful lot of  digging and weeding to do on plot 1, but that's in full sun all day, so there is no way I'm knocking myself out in the sun to do it. If you are listening up there Great White Spirit some warm overcast days would be appreciated so that I can get on with digging and weeding plot 1.

I cut up a load of comfrey and filled both pipes up to the top again, the comfrey in the new shorter pipe had compacted by more than a length of the 2 litre pop bottle filled with sand and bring used as a weight.

I installed the new solar powered pond oxygenator in the comfrey water butt so as to keep the stink to a minimum and prevent mosquitoes laying their eggs on the surface.

Once the watering, weeding comfrey pipe filling and Oxygenator installing was complete and because the sweat was dripping on my glasses, I decided to go and work in the shade.

I took it upon myself to fill up as many milk bottles with sand as possible in the manufacture of soft bricks to hold down planting and weed membrane as I'm going to need a load of them once the weather changes and I can get into digging and weeding plot 1.

More sand has been decanted from old soft bricks where the bottle has finally degraded and become brittle to dry off together with the remainder of the last of the sacks stored outside. I have two more sacks to empty out in the bottom of the greenhouse on another sunny day when I want to work in the shade and I still have ample empty bottles on the potting bench. 

Looking for more things to do in the shade and as I had replaced the broken board on the shed and looking at the front of it where the colour had weathered off along the bottom of the slats I decided I would give the blank areas a paint over prior to painting the whole shed. 

So during the last half an hour and just as the sun was working its way around the trees I touched up the white areas of the shed.As you can see the ivy is now coming completely over the shed again. 

What I didn't realise is that the felt has worn, split and torn on the apex and down the slope of the shed, that explains the water staining on the inside of the roof. Now it looks as if I'm going to have to cut the ivy back in order to re roof the shed. The shed is now six years old and that's about all one can expect from the original cheap felt that they supply with timber sheds.

The stupid thing is two year ago I thought I was going to have to give up the Mill Green plot and had not kept the maintenance of the ivy tree up to keep it off the shed as I thought I would be leaving.  

As promised here is a monthly update video for those of you that like to be nosy and see what other people are doing on their plots. I know I like to watch them for inspiration and some good ideas of things to try and to build. 

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