Monday 16 July 2018

Scorching Shed Sunday

This Sunday in the morning I wanted to get the area where the shed is going cleared, but there was a little problem, in fact 100s of little problems in the form or wasps that have taken up residence in the crack in the boundary wall where the shed is to be erected.

The other problem was the intense sun, heat and lack of any cloud cover. I tried clearing and cutting up some of the joist but once the sweat started dripping off my head and face and onto my glasses I knew it was time to spend most of my time up on Plot 1A in the shade and not Plot 1 in the sun. 

My last job in the Sun was fitting the tap to the water barrel. I started to fill it only to find that I had made a great job of making the tap water tight but there is a leak in the bottom of the barrel, so that's why it was freecycled !. I'm guessing I can always use it as a potato tower or for growing long carrots. So the tap will come out and go into the other water butt and hopefully that one will not leak. 

The comfrey pipe was re loaded as the weight had dropped again in the two days since the new bottle was installed, the sun and heat is really assisting in comfrey production this year.  

I cut the grass in the back garden yesterday and came to the plot with sacks and buckets of fallen apples and leaf's off the trees, as they are falling early as the trees are thirsty as we have not had any significant rain for weeks. Daleks 2 & 3 were both topped up to the brim again and Dalek 5 the acidic compost received the apples.   

Whilst the obligatory watering at depth took place, I sorted out loads of dross from the shed and amazed myself just how much room there is in there once the build up of rubbish is removed, I also started clearing up the area in the shade until it was time to leave the allotment.

I went home for lunch via the hardware store and bought some wasp killer as they are too near the shed and where I need to work, otherwise I would have left them.

On the agenda for early evening was a visit to Spencer Road with my future son-in-law to take down the shed ready for transporting to Mill Green when I have the base ready and can arrange it with Terry. We stacked the shed in a nice pile to the side of its location and then loaded the 15 paving slabs it had been sitting on into the boot and transported them to Mill Green.

I'm hoping that Terry's car transporter will be able to reverse down to plot 23B which is at the bottom of the access road on the left, If not then Floor, four walls and roof will need to be carried up to the gate. Before dismantling I took the plot numbers off the shed and screwed them to a post at the corner of the plot ready for the next tenant of plot 23B 

Once back at Mill Green the slabs were unloaded and stacked and as the wall was now in shade and the wasps a little less active the entrance to the nest was treated with the white powder of death. 

I have not posted a picture of the beetroot bed in a while, they are coming on and I really must get another bed load sown before this month is done. 

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