Tuesday 17 July 2018

Shed Base Goes In

As it was overcast this afternoon due to some cloud cover and as a treat to myself I went over to the allotment to continue levelling out the corner where the shed is going so that when I go to collect and bring it to Mill Green it can go straight on the base.

I'm happy with the slope down from shed towards what will be a path that will link up with the central path on Plot 1A. 

So the 3 x 5 white/ light grey slabs will be the shed and the darker grey will go around the shed. There will be a path in front that will line up with the central path from Plot 1A. I plan to have a semi covered storage area behind the shed and will use what slabs I have scattered around to fill in the row behind the shed that currently has two slabs laid the rest will be covered in woodchips 

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