Thursday 12 July 2018

Showing Vacant Plot

This morning I met with the next person on our waiting list for an Allotment Plot and showed him our last vacant plot. He is as keen as mustard and I will let the Allotment Administrator at idverde know so she can send the paperwork.

Some watering at depth took place and whilst this was happening, the sheets of Corex were sorted out and three nearly new with no damage sheets found within the pile given to me yesterday and these have been slid on the shed roof ready for me to bring the staple gun down and fix on my next visit. 

This means the polycarbonate that I had plans for can now go back to that project. Getting up on a ladder and cleaning off the roof I saw the real damage to the roof and I was staggered how little felt was actually left on the apex of the roof. 

A shallow narrow trench was excavated for the hose pipe as it means I don't have to keep moving it from the corner of the plot to the tank and back again every time I want to water and it will no longer be a trip hazard, I saw a fellow plot holder trip over it this morning and that made me do this earlier than I had anticipated.  

Just the section from the right to the water tank to do before idverde come to cut the grass and muller the hose. 

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