Tuesday 10 July 2018

Cucumbers Planted

Here is a short update on how things are growing 

Burpless Cucumbers making their way up the framework

Market More Framework extended with Fire Guard
5 extra Marketmore cucumbers planted
Spuds In Buckets can be harvested now

Tomato & Radish Bed fed 

Sweetcorn finally growing and looking stronger

Spuds Nearly Ready To Harvest from the looks of things

The last 1.2m x 1.2m Pop Bottle Greenhouse panel has finally been taken apart. I cut the  tops and bottoms off and split the middle and put the middles inside a bottle to take up as little space as possible to go into the plastic recycle bin at home. 

If you are ever thinking of making a pop bottle greenhouse forget it, its a pain in the arse to take apart and get rid off especially when the council only collect a small crate load once a fortnight.


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