Sunday 22 July 2018

Shed & Joists / Bed Edging

It's another sunny hot sticky 27C day that started off overcast, I watered the crops and then got on with the task of painting the outside of the shed, and fitting in the shelf supports and screwing the shelf on the left hand side into place. There are still wasps going in and out of the crack in the wall despite a number of applications of wasp killer into the entrance, so for the moment the left flank wall of the shed is only half painted. Another application of wasp dust was applied into the crack.  

The wheelie bins that are used for storage of things like the pop bottle slug traps and the wheel barrow have made their way behind the shed which will be their ultimate home. 

My brother-in-Law Keith brought his Ryobi Circular Saw to site and I attacked the pile of timber roof joists and started cutting them to length to form 2.4 x 1.2m beds. 

I managed two cuts with his small battery before it gave up the ghost, being a bit of a Ryobi junkie he had more powerful larger battery that did quite a few cuts before it ran out. So that proved to me that if I want to cut 50mm roof joists then I will need a more powerful battery than the one that came with the kit in a bag with a power supply that he bought. I was suitably impressed with the saw that I will buy one but it has to have the more powerful battery to make it worth while due to cutting 50mm joists with it. 

Gradually things are coming together, the push mower and long handle tools now have a homes and are hanging in the second shed. I need to get the extension to the shed erected so that the onions can be harvested and dried out. So that's my focus for the next visit with an adequate duration of time. 

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