Wednesday 11 July 2018

Water Butts Everywhere!

Another early morning visit to my plot between 7:30 - 9:00 to water and get one job done before returning home to get on with some work. As I'm now visiting nearly every morning for a couple of hours,  I get to say "good morning" and have a chat with the mobile crane driver from Liverpool that is working on the conversion of offices to residential behind my plot.  

It's amazing watching this thing unfold and fold back up and how he manages to turn it around in there and not take the wall out is quite amazing. He jumps in the seat at the back of the cab, opens the window in the cab, then in no time at all he is up above the building and moving stuff around. There is no air conditioning in that cab and I have felt quite sorry for him being in what could be considered a mini greenhouse up a pole the last couple of weeks with 30C temperatures 

Today the focus was on clearing the paved area at the bottom of plot 1A and re installing the Nettle Water Butt that came back from Spencer Road a few weeks ago.

With the deep watering system it easy to drip feed the watering points and move the hose around from bed to bed and point to point and in between moves get on with another task, who say men can't multi process.

So rubbish cleared and another sack load going home today and the water butt stand re built and the Nettle Water Butt has just been filled up with water ready for the hose pipe ban that I think will come shortly.

I have two large water butts for the new greenhouse, but neither of them have lids or taps. I have purchased taps but need to find them as they are tucked away in a safe place somewhere and I need to find some lids for the water butts. If I can do that sooner than later I will be able to set up another two water butts ready for the hosepipe ban. 

My little Triffid (the wife) received a telephone call from her sister around 7pm informing her that they had cut the grass again. She has a huge garden and I normally get two huge mail type sacks of grass from them each time they cut. 

Wife: Are you interested ?
Me: Yes tell them I will come round and pick it up now.

So there I was up to 9:00pm watering in layers of grass, coffee grounds, shredded paper into composting Daleks 2 & 3 the grass was already decomposing and creating heat as I placed it in the Daleks.

I also had a food bucket full of cooking apples that have jumped off the trees at home to add to my acidic composting Dalek 5 this compost will be used to feed my raspberries and fruit next year.

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