Thursday 12 July 2018

More Water Butts

Morning visit to ask the contractor if I could have the sheets of corex that they have been using to protect floors and have finished with and I spied in their skip during my evening visit last night. I would not just help myself without asking that's stealing even if it' in a skip.

The contractor said yes and pulled them out for me and I took them to the paved area between the shed and greenhouse and put some soft bricks on them to hold them down. I have a cunning plan for these and I will let you know what that is shortly.  

I watered the plot and my one thing a visit today was to clear the area where the two rubbish bin comfrey and nettle water butts are ready for another.

It's one of the butts that will go on the new greenhouse I filled it up to the tap hole to stop it getting blown off it's stand now all I need to do is find the tap I bought for it. I put it in a safe place and can't remember where that safe place is at the moment 


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