Saturday 7 July 2018

What Water Butt?

I did have a gutter that rested on the extension and went into a water butt, I know you look at the photo and say "What Water Butt", its there honest Gov and I think I'm going to need it shortly so as I arrived at 7:15 and got straight on with watering my plot I decided I would also search for the water butt.

I found it !, and in doing so also managed to clear a lot of the ivy off the back of the felt roof that need replacing or covering and have let some daylight get into the storage area behind the shed that was in total darkness. 

There is still some clearing and tiding to do, and I will remove the remains of the racking system base and sweep out the extension and stack my buckets with lids of composting materials in there

Once I fix the plastic to the roof I will re install the guttering to collect water off the roof in the water butt. It will need a filter because of the amount of dross that comes off the ivy, but for the moment in anticipation of a hose pipe ban and due to recent problems with regards angry plot holders and the use of stand pipes I filled the half full water butt up to within 300mm of the lid and to give clearance to some plastic balls off cisterns ball cocks from the scrap bin of a plumbing company that used to be behind the allotment site to stop the water freezing in the winter. 

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