Friday 20 July 2018

Shed Works

Thursday saw the moving of the shed from Spencer Road to Mill Green it took all of an hour and the walls of the shed was stacked up against the boundary wall, the base placed where it's going to be erected and the roof placed on the ground beside the floor. 

I gave Terry a nice drink plus some courgettes and cucumbers for his time and the use of his flatbed.

Friday Morning I spent painting the base and all of the parts that get covered once it is reassembled. To me it makes sense to do this as it's apart anyway, and we have a 25% change of rain later today starting around 5pm if we are really lucky so it should all be dry by then.

More touching up paintwork on the edges Saturday morning and then if I can find a willing body to assist hopefully it will be erected as well. I have also been offered some more timber from the building site and will collect that in the morning as well. 

Bugger I took my eye off the courgettes and they turned into marrows, but three nice sized cucumbers today. 

Looking at the weather update and additional 1% chance of rain taking it to 26% chance between 9-10 pm but rain starting an hour later now at 6pm  

I will believe it when it happens, so far every time we have received a weather warning re rain from the met office bugger all has happened. 

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