Monday 30 April 2018

Scoping Out The Week

I know the forecasts change on an hour by hour basis, but I can't help but look forward and see what may be possible gardening and weather wise. So at the moment this is what the BBC are predicting for us this week.

Looking outside in the garden the trees are swaying, the ornamental windmill is rotating at a rate of knots and its been raining hard all night and continues now. The temperature is only between 4 - 4.6C in the Space Saver greenhouse and I know the tomatoes will be sulking until they warm up again at the end of the week

My youngest daughter gave me a token for some hours work on the allotment for my birthday and Friday is overcast between two sunny days, and I believe she is having Friday off so I may have to get my request in early. An ideal day for shifting wood chips.

Lawn cutting over the weekend me thinks and Beetroot & Carrot planting on Sunday and Runner Bean planting insitu could be on the cards, along with sowing Sweetcorn, Parsnips, more Beetroots in modules, more Carrots in loo rolls, Runner Beans in loo rolls. Create more planting membrane and path weed membrane strips. 

If the expected weather happens I would expect to see progress on many allotments that have so far not been touched this year, if not I predict non-cultivation letters will start to flow from idverde from allotments borough wide. 

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