Thursday 19 April 2018

Composting Materials

It's been a case of working for the allotment rather than on the allotment last night and this morning before starting work.

As the sun has finally arrived and as the grass is dry-ish I cut the lawn last night so have a sack and a half of grass cuttings waiting to be taken to the hungry Daleks on the allotment.

I also spent last evening and some time this morning finishing cutting up all the cardboard boxes that are too small to be used for weed coverage into small bite size squares for adding to the daleks as browns, especially as the greens are now starting to flow from all directions, my eldest daughter has just cut her grass and my sister is doing hers today so the stock pile of browns on the plot will be demising soon.

I also sieved some multipurpose compost and the lumpy bits are going to provide their goodness by way of two buckets one with holes in the bottom that will be placed in the other complete with the compost so that when it rains all of the goodness drains into the lower bucket to be used as a feed for my plants that need a boost.

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