Saturday 21 April 2018

Compost and Weeds

The areas of the new plot that I have not covered with membrane were looking a little shaggy last week when I visited the plot yesterday to add grass clippings to the Dalek, so this morning after I picked a huge sack of grass from my sister to drop down to the allotment feed the Dalek, I used the new grass trimmer and I have to say I'm very happy with how it performed and how long it lasted.   

There is bind weed coming up long the wall so that had a dowsing with weed killer, as did the nettles and weeds in front of the wall and hawthorn bush that needs to be removed.  

I'm thinking as I have the kerb stones I should perhaps define the edge at the bottom of the plot better than it is at the moment and so that idverde can trim to it when they cut the grass. 

The Bluebells are flowering and the Comfrey is growing and will dwarf the bluebells just about the time the flowers die.

The Apple Trees are in blossom and are looking bright and beautiful against the wall 

The First Early Spuds are starting to show in the pots so I will need to top them up and hope we don't get a frost 

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