Sunday 8 April 2018

Meetings & Moving

There was a committee meeting today on Spencer Road and I managed to fill the boot of the car up with Kerb Edgings and Flower Buckets to take to Mill Green with me after the meeting.

The plan was always to do an early inspection and then a later inspection, in this way you give those that have not visited their plots or made any progress since October last year a nudge to get on with cultivating their plots. The fact that the weather has not been very good during the three visits of the beast from the East was taken into account when reviewing. 

There are a few plots that appear very neglected and the plot holders will be receiving their non cultivation notices from idverde in due course. There are a number of plots that are border line this month, taking the recent weather into consideration, but may well be added to the list when the reviews are done in another four-five weeks in May, as idverde have requested that we spread the inspections out during the year so as not to overload them as they don't have adequate resources to manage a mass influx of non cultivation inspections. 

I'm on my plot every dry Sunday the whole year round, as there is always something to do and the winter months are ideal for infrastructure works on my site as it does not suffer with flooding. My attention has obviously been on my new Mill Green plot and ensuring that my existing Mill Green plot is good to go.

The result of the gradual removal of the infrastructure from Spencer Road to Mill Green is that Spencer Road is looking worse for wear, and had I not been in the process of moving and giving up the plot, I'm sure in its current condition I would be receiving a non-cultivation letter next month, especially as I will not be planting anything on Spencer Road this year.

I want to be able to clear Spencer Road as soon as possible, so that the new tenant can take it over quickly before nature decides to reclaim the plot.

After offloading the kerb stones and other items, including the bottoms of mushroom crates to make a barrier to stop the foxes from getting at my Walking Onions, I filled a few more circular flower buckets with Arron Pilot spuds. Then proceeded to fill some of the square flower buckets that I brought back with me from Spencer Road with Swift first early spuds, at least I will know which ones are which because of the shape of the flower bucket.

So there is a half tray of swift spuds waiting to go in, there is enough compost left in the Dalek for them and once all the first early spuds are in their buckets, I will shift them all onto an area on plot 1 out of the way.

The Raspberries from Morrison's are looking good and growing, one of the Lidl Raspberries has a single bud on and the other twig appears to have gone! not sure if Mr Fox had anything to do with that one.

Derek the Site Rep from Spencer Road gave me a few Raspberry saplings he had pulled and they are going to be potted up and allowed to grow a bit before going into a final location on site. I'm hoping for a good crop of raspberries later this year for the wife and my eldest daughter who love them.

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