Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Revised Plan for Planting in 2019

My first stab at the layout for Plots 1 & 1A in 2019 

I've put the shed where it actually got erected and not where it was planned to go, and I've added the rear and side extension to it. The narrow flower beds at the transition and difference in level between plot 1 and Plot 1A and the effect they have to the layout on the left and the main path is shown. Plus I've adjusted the layout of the Dalek Army on Plot 1 removing it off the edge of the plot and the path between my plots and plots 1 & 2A. 

Here is a closer view of the main anticipated growing area, that you can actually read what is intended to be grown in each bed. Everything to the right of the flower beds is already in and the planting layout is based on the assumption that I'm going to get bed 1, 13 - 15 and 27-28 at least in and ready for the start of the growing season in 2019. 


  1. That's a seriously nicely organised layout! May I ask how big the plot is?

    1. Not sure of the overall size but the main beds are 1.2m x 2.4m and it's two plots, I got the right hand side Plot 1A in 2012 and I took on the left hand side this year.

    2. Thanks! It's beautifully organised anyway :-)