Sunday 28 October 2018

October Update Video

By hook or by crook I was going to get to the allotment this Sunday one way or another, as I have not been down to do any work for the last three weeks. According to the weather forecast there was supposed to be light rain showers over night but they were supposed to be gone between 6 - 7am. it didn't quite work out that way!

With the clocks going back it was idea for an early start, but the rain had other ideas. Good job I could tidy things up in the shed and make a cup of coffee. Then as soon as the rain stopped it was all systems go!

Whilst extracting the carrots, I looked down on what I thought was going to be a massive specimen, I had visions of a huge giant Bugs Bunny type carrot coming out of the ground. what I got looked more like a stubby hand.

I have to say I was gutted, but also amused at nature, as it looked so massive from the top when it was in the ground.  

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