Tuesday 17 April 2018

New Battery Trimmer

I charged the battery and took my old strimmer to the plot on Sunday, but the battery didn't last very long at all, so I've decided to use some of my birthday cash to buy a new one from B&Q for £35.  The reviews for this are good and it's not costing the earth and it uses up to 1.6mm cutting line rather than the blades that my last one used. I've copied the details from the B&Q web site below because you never know how long DIY shops pages will be live. 

B&Q 18 V Battery Cordless Li-Ion Grass Trimmer

Product Information

This B&Q FPGT18LI Battery Cordless Grass trimmer is suitable for trimming small to medium sized gardens.

  • Cutting width (mm) - 230 mm
  • Power output - 27 W
  • Guarantee - 1 year Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with - 1.2 mm×3m cutting line
  • Accessories included - 1 x 1.2 mm x 3 m cutting line

Technical Specifications

Amp rating 1.5Ah
Batteries included Batteries included
Battery type Li-ion
Battery life 40minutes
Cable Length (m) 1.8 m
Material Metal & plastic
Cutting width (mm) 230mm
Handle type Soft grip handle
Model FPGT18LI
Power output 27W
How to use Trimming & edging
Voltage 18V
Weight (kg) 2.2kg
 What I did find interesting reading the manual, yes I do read the manuals is that (and I quote) 

" When the battery is charged for the first time and after and after prolonged storage, the battery will only accept approximately 60% Charge. However, after several charge and discharge cycles the battery will accept a 100% Charge. "

So I wonder as my old trimmer also uses a Li-ion battery is that what was happening, and does it need to be charged and discharged a few times to allow the batter to once again charge up to 100% capacity because it has not been used over the Winter months?

I have nothing to loose so I will be charging the battery on the old one and not chucking it away just yet as there may be life in the old dog yet! I will let you know the outcome, but if you are not getting as much life out of your battery bear the statement from the manual in mind and give it a few charges and see what happens before you splash the cash.

At a price of £35 it may be worth buying another so that I have two batteries and a spare unit, ummm something to ponder about me thinks!. 

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