Saturday, 7 April 2018

Palm Trees No More

The Palm Tree looking tomatoes from one of the grow stations have been potted on into vending machine cups and now look very less leggy than they did. All of those hairs along the stem will turn into roots and once the tomatoes are about 75mm tall I will pot them on again into larger pots or perhaps into flower buckets that are half full so that I can bury the stem once again to end up with plants that have an extensive root system, which will survive better and be stronger.

  • Gardeners Delight
  • Crimson Crush F4
  • Money Maker
  • One Hundreds and Thousands
  • Outdoor Girl
  • Stupicke Poini Rane
  • Rapunzel
I managed to get three of the four sown from all of the above with the exception of Rapunzel which managed full germination. I only really want two of each variety and will either find space or homes for the excess as I don't like composting young plants if they are healthy.

Kibitz are still a bit too short for potting on at the moment and the Beefsteak tomatoes just don't germinate, but there again they were very old seeds, I may shock horror actually have to buy a pack if I can't get the next batch sown to germinate.

The second grow station has pot and dwarf varieties of tomatoes in it and as a result they are still quite short to be potted on into vending machine cups quite yet. The grow lights are on for longer than there is natural daylight so I'm hoping they will become a bit more leggy so they can be potted on shortly. Varieties are
  • Bajaja
  • Balconi Red
  • Micro Tom
  • Minibel
  • Red Robin
  • Rosella
  • Sub Artic Plenty
  • Super Roma
  • Tiny Tim
I'm hoping for as good a year for tomatoes as I had last year 

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