Friday 13 April 2018

Making Allium Trays

In readiness for the Cairngorm Leek Optigrow Experiment I've cut down a couple of square flower buckets that are a little bit past their sell by dates and are going a little gray and brittle. The bottom of the bucket on the photo to the left, only looks black because I washed it and it was still wet when I took the photograph. These buckets will get a couple of bands of anti slug copper tape once they are dry    

Two drainage holes have been formed on each side and the slots to form carrying handles were removed with the trusty soldering iron. So I'm all ready for filling and sowing the onions tomorrow.

Once I recover some more flower buckets from Spencer Road I will be making a couple more of these trays as they are so useful, because of the additional depth of compost and the water that is held in the bottom of the bucket. 

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