Thursday 12 April 2018

A Swift Afternoon Visit

Well the Sun never came, but the rain did stop mid morning as a visit to the allotment was made in the afternoon, but it was not for as long as I would have liked or had planned for and I didn't get everything I was hoping for done.

I drilled the holes for the angle bracket for the onion bed then found I had no rawl plugs in the shed!

I managed to get the sprout enclosure down but what was left of the sprouts was covered with snails of all sizes, these when into the now empty Dalek with a load of slug pellets as there are far too many of them. Beds 2 and 12 were exposed and slug pellets distributed.

I also managed to fill another four flower buckets with first early spuds. The Coir I had hydrated last night was taken down in food buckets with lids and will be used as a mulch on the trees in large buckets as the weeds are starting to grow in them where the Bloody foxes have not been in them digging and looking for worms.

I will sprinkle some coffee ground on them as this seems to keep the foxes away.

No longer a Sunny Sunday from the looks of things! By hook or by crook the spuds have to go in Sunday 

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