Sunday 8 April 2018

Another Rainy Sunday

Another rainy Sunday so no allotment visit today

So instead I have watered what's in the grow stations and the Space Saver Greenhouse and have been looking at what I should have sown by now and I'm making plans for the next week.

In the Space Saver Greenhouse 

The red onions in modules are doing well and after taking this photo I turned the leaning onions around by 180 degrees so that they will straighten up as they are leaning forward for the light. This is always the case with the Space Saver as the trays in the level above cast shadow despite the tin foil placed on the back of the space saver.

The beetroots in loo rolls appear to be doing OK and I will let then get a little larger before they make their way to the allotment, my last frost date is the last week of April so perhaps Mayday Bank Holiday.

Nice to see that the carrots in loo rolls are doing well, I will leave them in the grow station for a couple of more weeks and then move them out into the Space Saver greenhouse.

The Spring Greens that were only sown 12 days ago are doing well, hopefully I will have a full tray within the next week. 

So looking ahead, I know that my sister in law is coming around to see my wife next Wednesday 12th April in the afternoon so it's an ideal time for me to get to the allotment and deal with.
  1. Fixing the Walking Onion Bed back to the wall
  2. Dismantling the Sprout hoop frame from Bed 12 and moving it to Bed 2 in readiness
  3. Sow the rest of the first early seed potatoes
  4. Get Bed 11 ready for spuds
  5. Get the hoop frames installed on the Beds
To Do List Sunday 15th April
  1. Book Kelly for one of her Birthday Stints on the allotment 
  2. Drill and plant the Second Early and Main Crop Spuds
  3. Onion Sets Direct Sowing & Protect with Hoops and Netting  
  4. Shift Woodchips from the Drop Off area onto the Plot 
  5. Cut the floor joist to length for beds
  6. Clear some of the rubbish from the Greenhouse.
  7. Clear the storage area beside the shed 
  8. Move the composting material from behind the greenhouse to the storage area 
Sow this week
  • Leeks
  • Radishes
  • Butternut Squash
  • Marrow
  • Lettuce  

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