Tuesday 17 April 2018


In an attempt to do at least gardening or allotment related thing a day this morning before starting work, I printed out half a dozen new labels and have sown six number of three different types of cucumbers namely Marketmore 76, Burpless Tasty Green & Piccolo Di Parigi  into self watering pop bottle propagators that are sitting on a shelf in the Space Saver Greenhouse

The temperature was rising and 32 - 36 degrees C inside the Space Saver Greenhouse this morning as the sun came around and onto the greenhouse.

By Lunch time the propagators were nicely damp and sweaty but as the sun is moving around behind the properties on our flank and behind the apple trees the left half of the greenhouse went into shade the temperature had dropped to 26.1C on the left but is still between 32 - 36C on the right that is just still in the sunlight.

The tomatoes appear to be liking the increase in temperature and more sunlight during the day.

The way the Red Onions are growing and nearly touching the tray above it looks like I will need to get them in the ground next weekend if at all possible.

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