Thursday, 2 August 2018

Morning Harvest & Weed Clearance

An early morning visit between 7:15 - 9:00 and I picked all the massive cucumbers and then because I had taken my eyes off them and it had rained three very large Courgettes

Yes I know they should be picked when they are much smaller. The cucumbers will be distributed around family and friends and the excess & the Courgettes will be taken by my sister for her chums at work.  

After the disaster that is the 22 tomato plants at home in the back garden that have Blossom End Rot or are splitting and knowing that blight is likely to arrive at anytime now, I picked the largest of the Crimson Crush off the two plants I have on the plot and the red Rapunzels.

I have left about the same quantity of the smaller crimson crush on the plants and will take another harvest of large green tomatoes on the weekend. These green tomatoes are going into the greenhouse to ripen off.  

One of the spud beds is covered in bind weed, it must have been there in between the spuds vegetation but now that's gone it's just a mass of weeds, so I set about clearing it before coming home at 9 to get on with some work.

I also found that I had placed the shelfs in the shed in the wrong places, so that needs to be sorted next visit and then I can screw them into place. 

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