Friday, 3 August 2018

Second Beetroot Bed

So another early morning visit for a couple of hours to water, weed and do some infrastructure work before 9am and the sun getting to harsh, well that's the theory anyway.

It started getting noticeably hotter late yesterday evening and looking at the forecast it's back in the 30's today, a couple of degrees cooler Saturday and Sunday and then ramping up again next week. 

The new shed was in the shade when I arrived, so I sorted out the shelving and have fixed three of the four down. I've fitted the solar panel for the shed light and have the wiring going into the shed. I have hooks and supports for tools fitted and have started to decant the bits and bobs that were in storage into the shed so that they are visible and accessible .

I feel really sorry for the Raspberries in pots they don't look good at all and they really need to get put in the ground at some stage. The trees also in pots looked limp and were given a good watering as was the beetroots that were sown a couple of days ago.

I cleared Bed 7 and placed the 105 hole planting membrane on the bed and on the next visit I will sow another bed of beetroots. It's been a poor year re harvest if you don't count courgettes and Cucumbers which have been fantastic, 

Winding down of the Spencer Road plot and the clearing and covering of the new plot, getting back in control of plot 1A that I thought I was giving up together with the extremes of weather have all had an influence on vegetable and fruit growing this year. 

But applying the true Gardener mentality there is always next year, well until I get to the point where I can no longer garden or I pop my clogs! which ever comes first. 

I have already decided next year is to be the year or the roots, Parsnip, Carrots and Beetroots and I will be getting lots in the ground as early as possible, especially as I will have additional beds to fill throughout the growing season

I'm also going to have a bash at spring onions on the new plot and hope that the white rot isn't a problem on Plot 1, I do have to say there was no problem on Plot 1A this year with the onions and I'm putting that down to how warm it has been. 

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