Thursday 30 August 2018

In My Seed Box for 2019 - Parsnips

Parsnips were a bit of a failure in 2018 and in 2019 I'm going to chit them and get them in the ground as early as possible. I'm looking at have a whole 2.4m x 1.2m bed dedicated to just parsnips in 2019

10p Poundland Carters Tested Seeds Tender & True Parsnips 200 seeds Sow By 2020
Free  Mr Fothergill's Student Parsnip 200 seeds Sow By 2021 

£2.45 Mr Fothergill's Palace F1  Parsnip 200 Seeds Sow By 2021
£2.99 T&M Gladiator F1 Parsnip 250 Seeds Sow By Dec 2019

£2.09 Johnsons Tender and True Organic Parsnips Sow 350 Seeds By 2022
£1.00 Wilko White Gem 300 Seeds Sow By 2022

I'm going to try chitting and growing in kitchen towel & loo rolls early as well as direct sowing in 2019, I'm looking to fill a 2.4x1.2m Bed with just Parsnips if I can. 

What Varieties do you grow and had the most success with ?

When do you sow your Parsnips?

Do you chit the seeds or Sow Direct ?

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