Sunday 26 August 2018

Saturday Not Sunday

A change of allotment day this week as its going to rain Sunday and we have had an invite to Sunday Dinner by my eldest daughter. Said daughter asked if I had any more of those really nice early spuds and any large tomatoes, so I took the opportunity to swap days and harvest some of both for her, well us really as she is cooking us all dinner. 

I had six to seven flower buckets worth of early spuds still to harvest and I was quite happy with the quantity of the harvest and the range of sizes of spuds. I harvested another two trays of green Crimson Crush tomatoes as there are some early signs of what could be blight and I wanted to open up the foliage to let a little more air flow and also take the large heavy tomatoes off the plant to let the next batch to bulk up. 

Have you found that your potatoes are smaller than usual this year? 

I dug up some of the Kestrel potatoes and they appear to be a bit scabby. I also dug up some of the Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty potatoes and was shocked how many small egg sized potatoes there were, perhaps I should have watered them more during the two months when we had no rain. 

Were your spuds smaller & scabby this year? 

Anyone have a theory why that is? Only two red Crimson Crush which came from the middle of the plant, I always find it crazy that the ones shielded from the sun in the middle of the plant always seem to go red first, so if you have a theory why that is please let me know? 
The Rapunzel are also doing really well this year, I will defiantly be growing Crimson Crush and Rapunzel on the plot again next year, and I'm thinking two of each plant next year and trying the wire cage on one and the bamboo pyramid on the other and seeing which support method I like the best to use in future. 

I laid three 600x600mm slabs along the back of the shed under the rear extension, then I had a brain wave and went and got the frame from the blow-a-way greenhouse that has been assisting holding down the weed membrane on plot 1 and it fitted exactly within the cheeks of the extension. So I need to find where I put the mesh shelving and I will have two layers of shelving in the covered extension. 

I've already stacked the framework to my greenhouse on the top shelving, The buckets of Hawthorn cuttings to keep them dray and I have stacked my large gravel trays as empty flower buckets, and I must say I can see the difference gradually finding homes for this stuff is making on the plot.   

Despite the development at the rear of the site being now 80% populated with owners, Mill Green is still a peaceful place to be, and I'm loving that I can now have the stove set up and can make a coffee when I want one, I now see why Sean James Cameron loves having his cup of tea.  

The two mushroom trays of Crimson Crush tomatoes have been added to the other three trays worth already on the second shelf of the Space Saver Greenhouse at home to go red.  A quantity of red tomatoes, spuds, red and white Onions were dropped off to our daughters so she has them for tomorrow.

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