Saturday 4 August 2018

It Took Six Years

It's been in it's carry case sitting in the shed on Plot 1A for the last six years and has never been used, but finally it has been unearthed, unpacked and set up on the shelf on the bright newly painted shed that I erected on Plot 1 which I'm resisting filling with crap (as my Brother-In-Law calls it) but I'm spreading the gardening stuff like weed killer, slug pellets, planting membrane, long handled tools etc between the two shed's with the unique idea that;

1) I may actually be able to get into a shed should a rain shower comes (possibly in a couple of months time looking at the forecast) 

2) I can actually lay my hand on and fined the tools and equipment I need when I need them!

I know a crazy idea isn't it, but I'm going to try to do it and then maintain it. 

The other main job that got done this morning between watering was the sowing of another 105 beetroot seeds in bed 7 and covering each little seed with a layer of multipurpose compost and watering them in. 

I also took another two buckets of fallen apples with me down to the plot and have filled up the double wide Dalek to the brim, the wasps know there are rotting apples in there so I have covered each bucket worth with some spent potato in bucket used compost to fill the gaps and to act as a brown layer.  

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