Monday 20 August 2018

It's That Time of Year Again

There are currently 16 of us on this years Grow Your Own Grapevine Tomato Seed Circle 

So I have started fermenting the seeds from Red Robin, Balconi Red, Micro Tom, Rapunzel, and will submit two of these, to the seed circle. The seed circle concept is very simple, you save seeds and with tomatoes, the fermenting method results in the cleanest seed with high germination rates but is not the only way to save seeds. 

Then 16 of you (this year) send in two varieties with a return stamp or envelope and you get back 31 packs of different varieties of seed to add to your collection and try next year.  

One of the two varieties I'm sending in has to be the Micro Tom which is a very small and can be grown in a pot on the kitchen window cill, I was really impressed that such a small plant can yield so many tomatoes. I will see what others are sending in and will select one of the other three based on what's not already on the list. 

Not for the seed circle but I'm also saving the next generation of Non F1 Crimson Crush from the original plant which grow so prolifically every year, and so far appear to have kept the Blight Resistance.

I'm also saving next generation of a TESCO Tomato called Vitarino that again has performed a lot better than some of the other toms I have grown.

My brother-In-Law doesn't understand why I save seeds and try different varieties each year, but he is a Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker kid of guy and grows the same varieties every year. Gardening is very much like that, you do it the way you like too and still get the enjoyment of growing from seed

Next year I should have the two greenhouses on the allotment both erected and empty ready for a load of small mini and micro type of plants as well as Crimson Crush and Rapunzel out in some new beds on plot 1.

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