Wednesday 29 August 2018

Wyevale Seed Sale

It had to be done, on the way home from a short break to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, I managed to persuade the better half to let me pop into Wyevale's to look at the 50p Seed sale and here is what I ended up with:

£2.99 Carrot Flyaway F1 Seed Tape 4m 400 seeds Sow By 2020

£3.69 Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid Tomato 5 Seeds Sow by 2020
£3.69 T&M Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid Tomato 5 Seeds Sow by 2020
£1.99 Bajaja Tomato 15 Seeds Sow By 2020
£3.49 Mr Fothergill's Sweet Million F1 Tomato 20 Seeds Sow By 2022
£2.99 Santonio F1 (Small Cherry Plum)6 Seeds Sow By 2020
£2.99 T&M Santonio F1 (Small Cherry Plum) 6 Seeds Sow By 2020
£3.99 T&M Tumbling Tom Red 18 Seeds Sow by 2020

£3.49 T&M White Step F1 Cauliflower 30 Seeds Sow By Dec 2020
£3.49 T&M Winter Aalsmeer Cauliflower 50 Seeds Dec 2020

£2.69 Mr Fothergill's Butternut Squash 10 Seeds Sow By 2021
£2.75 Johnsons Squash (Winter) Early Butternut Sow By 2022

£3.24 T&M Courgette Midnight F1 Hybrid 10 Seeds Sow By 2020

£2.45 Mr Fothergill's Palace F1  Parsnip 200 Seeds Sow By 2021
£2.99 T&M Gladiator F1 Parsnip 250 Seeds Sow By Dec 2019
£2.09 Johnsons Tender and True Oganic Parsnips Sow 350 Seeds By 2022

£2.99 T&M Green Manure Mixture
£2.99 T&M Green Manure Mixture
£2.99 T&M Green Manure Mixture
£2.99 T&M Green Manure Phacelia

£2.75 Sarah Raven's Delphinium High Society Mix F1 25 Seeds Sow By 2021
£2.49 Citrus Cocktail 100 Seeds 

£22 Packs of seeds worth 66.21 for £11 that's what I call a Bargain !

Did I really need any more tomatoes, in reality NO! I have so many tomato seeds and more coming via the seed circles and Seed Swap BUT isn’t there is always a but! There are varieties there that I have gown and I do like and then there are some that I have not grown and would like to try especially the smaller pot, container varieties, and yes we do like and consume a huge amount of Cherry and Cherry Plum tomatoes.

Parsnips were a bit of a fail this year and next year I want to chit them and get them in the ground early and if at all possible have a whole 2.4 x 1.2m bed dedicated to just parsnips.

The Green manure mix is going on vacant beds as soon as they are cleared and I could really do with picking some more Green Manure seeds up to use on new beds early next year.

I can see another visit to perhaps a different Wyevale is in the offing, what about you?

Do you wait for the sales for seeds and are you also a bit of a seed-a-holic?

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