Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Planning and Reviewing March in Previous Years

Reviewing the diary over the last nine years for March 

2013 - Infrastructure works, picked up 17 paving slabs off Freecycle, met my plot neighbour for the first time, finally after clearing I started on digging and weeding, Comfrey roots purchased and grown in toilet rolls.   
2014 - Infrastructure works continue, Erected the green house on plot 1A, lighter nights and a few extended lunch time visits from work and early evening visits, Spuds sown and solar tents to warm up the soil on beds. Sowing seeds and a hard frost at the end of March 

2015 -  Infrastructure Works, the very last two beds and paths on Plot 1A were formed, Greenhouse clearance ready for using, Collecting and drying Coffee Grounds, Grass cuttings and composting starts, Spuds in buckets and sowing mad March.  

2016 - Infrastructure works on Spencer Road Plot 23B, Comfrey beds dug and weeded, Daleks Composting compound started, Lots of Paving Slabs off Freecycle, First two beds weeded and formed, Timber scrounged from roofing works, Spuds planted, Tomatoes sown.

2017 Infrastructure works, Grow Stations created, walking Onions Bed and Comfrey pipe for Plot 23B, seeds sown and Grow house at home full, Onions and Beetroots sown on allotment.

2018 The Beast from the East and snow early March this year, Infrastructure works, Woodchipped the paths on plot 1A, Catawissa Walking Onion Bed installed,  Catawissa Onion Planting Membrane made, Sowing in Grow Stations from the 9th March, Onions and Beetroots sown on allotment, The Agralan Compact Plug Plant Trainer purchased and used for the first time, Raspberries purchased and planted, Soilfixer over Winter Experiment concludes, Sprout Sowing, Mr Fothergill's Optigrow®  Leeks Experiment. 

2019 Infrastructure works,  Buy Seed and Cutting compost from Tesco, Quad biking for my Birthday, Onions in Modules in the Growhouse, Chitting Potatoes, Woodchip behind the shed, Full day on the plot as Jen taken out for the day, Cutting and painting timbers for beds, accident injuring leg. Picked up a load of paving slabs off Freecycle, visit to hospital as I had Cellulitis as a result to the injury to my leg. First Early spuds in buckets.

2020 Covid-19 hits the UK. Cutting weed path membrane. Attended the Gardening Press Event 3rd March. Tree is finally removed from the top of my shed on plot 1A. Visit to the allotment to get parsnips in the ground. Radish in Modules sown, Won Mr Fothergills Swift Cucumber seeds. Runner Bean frame rebuilt. 

Tomatoes sown in Grow Stations 11th March. In lockdown due to Jen being high risk and not even going to the plot for exercise. Working on your allotment for exercise is allowed. You can use your car to go to the allotment. Bought more CHM Modules, Sowing Spring Onion seeds. Suttons & Dobies re uplift in business due to people working in their gardens, Composting at home in the back garden using flower buckets.

One could not believe the stupidity of the human race massing for loo rolls and taking little heed of warnings about not going to the seaside etc. Anthia & Hubby Fellow site rep got me sacks of compost and dropped them off.  Mr Fothergill saw a 10 fold increase in demand over 14 days due to people working and growing in the garden. 

2021 Infrastructure works, Virtual Gardening Press Event. Keter Store retained and moved. Built and installed the timber base to the plot 1 greenhouse. Cutting path membrane for the remainder of the paths around the Rhubarb beds etc. Installing the plot 1 greenhouse cladding and weeding and clearing the path around SFG bed 1. 

Cutting paving slabs for the inside of greenhouse on plot 1. D.T.Brown Raspberry collection arrives Emma on site with be but we remain over 2m appart. Miracle-Gro Peat Free Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost to trial. Emma & Kelly assisted in gathering all the debris on the plot. we gathered it up and placed in the greenhouses to keep it dry until we could get it down the dump.

First signs of leaf and growth of the early raspberry canes. Cutting the timbers and painting them for the Square Foot gardening beds. Trench created with the Power Planter for a hose pipe from the tap to the corner of the plot. Emma discovered how much work is involved in removing mares tail, couch grass and bramble roots when clearing a plot. Plot clearance of rubbish with Emma and Kelly taken to the local tip. 

Scaffold tubes driven into the ground each end of the Raspberry beds. Taking paving blocks from the back garden down to the allotment to replace the soft bricks (milk bottles full of sand). Hydrating Coir and home and storing on the plot in a coir dustbin.  

Coronavirus UPDATE

Boris has basically removed nearly all the restrictions and now we are just going to have to learn to live with covid. In the mean time my wife gets a reminder that because she has no immune system she needs a 4th booster! 

I still don't trust that Boris is actually following the science anymore, it's all now about stopping the economy crashing anymore than it has already, and his mates have made enough money out of it.  Plus we now have WWIII to worry about!     

To Do List   

Below is the to do list in no particular order and catching up with what actually happened in February and what has slipped. 

Mill Green - Plot 1A
  • Re Add additional supporting timbers to the roof of the shed - TBD
  • Fix the potting Bench - It was beyond repair and has been donated to the site Fire Chief for burning and a New Onion Rack/ Store has been created using pallets and recycled materials. 
  • Tidy Up the Allotment  - Ongoing 
  • Weeding - Ongoing
  • Greenhouse -  Clear and install shading internally. 

Mill Green - Plot 1

  • Square Foot Gardening Beds - Two beds formed but were too late for planting up in 2021. Get ready by the end of March.
  • Beds and Paths - Third Square Foot Gardening and Solar Tent Bed to be formed.   
  • Install the kerb edging along the bottom of Plot 1 - TBD Bulbs sown along the edge. 
  • Tidy Up the Allotment - Ongoing 
  • Planning - Ongoing
  • Cut Planting Membrane - Make square foot gardening bed blanks
  • Space Saver Greenhouse - Now Clear and Chitting Spuds and Brassicas growing.  

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