Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Melons & Broccoli

Yesterday the 14th March I sowed 12 Watermelons:-

I do have an F1 Mangomel Melon seeds from Suttons - 4 seeds for £3.99 to sow but the instructions are not to so until early April so I've added that to my sowing and planting plan.

Melon 'Mangomel' is a new type of melon that has undertones of mango when ripe! Large, creamy-yellow fruit is bursting with flavour and juice, plus they are delightfully aromatic

This is a ‘Western Shipper type’ x Early Charentais. And guess what? The fruit colour visibly changes from grey/green to a creamy yellow to tell you it's ripe and ready to enjoy! It tastes delicious eaten fresh or is an exotic addition with natural yoghurt.

Developed in the UK specifically for home gardeners, this is perhaps the first melon ever to be bred for this market. It will reliably produce 5 fruits per plant in an unheated greenhouse, 2-3 fruits in a sunny spot outdoors. If planted outdoors, the spread will be about 1.5 metres so will appreciate some trimming to encourage it. Fruit weight average 1kg.

Sow in a propagator on a windowsill or in pots or trays using a good quality, moist compost in a greenhouse at approximately 15°C (60°F). Cover seed with 1cm (½") compost. Germination 7-14 days. Transfer to 7.5cm (3") pots, grow on and plant on into grow bags or large pots. 

Train up strings and support fruits with nets. Water and feed regularly. If growing outside it is best to cover the soil with black membrane to keep the soil warm and use a cloche to cover the plant. Pollinate by inserting a male flower into female flower which has tiny fruit at the base.

Then 12 Broccoli 3 of each of the following varieties:-

New in 2021 Dobies - 43 25 19 - Broccoli (Sprouting) Purple Rain F1 - 20 Seeds £2.99

New for 2022 Dobies 43 26 64 - Broccoli (Sprouting) Santee F1 - 25 seeds - £2.99  

New in 2021 Dobies - 43 25 17 - Broccoli Gemini F1 - 25 Seeds - £2.99

New for 2022 Dobies 43 26 16 - Broccoli (Stem) Hirzia F1 - 20 seeds - £2.99 

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