Friday, 25 March 2022

Aubergine Sown

Sown lunch time 13 Black Beauty from Seed Parade average 200 seeds for 99p plus P&P 

Sown 12  Aubergine Long Purple Kings Seeds came with a copy of Kitchen Garden.

Sown 11 Seeds as that's what was in the packet - Aubergine Jewel Marble F1 -  10 Seeds - Was £2.49 Now £1 - Mr Fothergilll's .

An exciting variety producing high yields of versatile small fruits, which are highly attractive, with striped skins. Fruits are great tasting, having a firm flesh.

Plants are compact and bushy – making them ideal for pots and containers. Can be grown in a sunny sheltered location outdoors.

Sow January - April  Harvest August - October 

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