Friday, 25 March 2022

I Hour Dash ....


Emma and I did the one hour dash to the allotment to drop off a couple of sacks loads of Clover Multipurpose Peat based compost. I know I know, its not good for the environment. blar blar blar ... but it is good for my seedlings and plants and I can add some coir to pad it out a little. There is a note at the bottom of the sack that says "Peat in this product has not been harvested from areas of scientific interest" and that's good enough for me. 

Clover Multi-Purpose Compost 
promotes healthy plant growth from seed to full bloom. It has a rich natural finest Irish Moss Peat base with the perfect balance of lime and plant fertilisers. For Seeds: consistency has been specially blended to suit delicate flower and vegetable seeds.

Last year I paid £5.50 a sack and this year it's worked out at £7.00 a sack and the next delivery the local trading hut gets will be £7.50 a sack. 

Basically the cost of compost has been going through the roof since the pandemic and the increase in interest in gardening and Grow Your Own food. I have to say having trialed a few peat free varieties they are well how can it put this nicely .... shit,  and I don't mean manure, they would be better off if they had some of that in them like the Equigrow compost have.

I like a Dalefoot compost range but it's just so darn expensive to have delivered and I can't find anyone local selling it at a reasonable cost. This company actually works a recreating peat bogs! 

Getting back to what happened today, the Clover Compost has gone into my plastic store to keep it away from the foxes and to be there for the next square foot gardening bed which is unlikely to appear until next year now. 

I set about clearing out the Plot 1A greenhouse so that I can at least get into it to put a couple of trays of first earlies on the racking and free up space in the Space Saver Greenhouse at home. Emma bless her weeded the walking onion beds and around the other beds where I have not yet replaced the wood chips.

The Radishes that I sowed on the 18th March 7 days ago are showing already, I gave them a water and put the cover back on, but I need to make a cage as a cat or squirrel has dug in the high level planter in the past.  

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