Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Monitoring Temperatures

Monitoring Temperature & Relative Humidity 

The weather station allows one to check the temperature and humidity in up to 4 different areas at the same time - e.g. living room, bathroom, cellar and garden. 

I use this weather station to monitor 3 areas of the Space Saver Greenhouse, it allows me to see when the sun shines and the temperature starts to rise quickly so that I can go and open the door to ventilate, and cool it down a bit. It also allows me to see what's happening in the greenhouse in the evenings especially when there is the possibility of frost and the temperatures are falling.

The range of the equipment is 100m (open terrain) but it works well from the end of the garden to my little broom cupboard office. 

In addition to the Weather Station I picked up this Digital Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer off Freecycle. 

The upper display indicates the outside temperature, the lower displays the inside temperature. 

The displayed information can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit 

The Max and Min temperatures will be displayed since the last time the memory was reset. 

This product runs on a single AAA Battery. 

The amount of difference in temperature can be very little in the cold weather, but massive in sunshine when the outside temperature starts to rise in early spring and summer.  

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