Friday, 18 March 2022

Hydrating Coco Coir & Bloody Foxes!

A couple of hours on the plot today hydrating Coco Coir, tidying up the shed, fixing the hook and eye on the shed door, sowing Radishes and hating the bloody foxes that have damaged the grapevine I've only just planted.

One daff nearly dead and one tulip open, unimpressed

The grapevine as supplied and planted

What's left of the grapevine after the Bast*&d Fox has done a Watusi on the bed and broken the two vines one at the grafting point with the root stock. I just hope they have not killed the vine.

Mesh panel to protect what is left of the grapevine, I'm so gutted and fox hating at the moment 

Hook and Eye added to the shed door 

Coco Coir hydrated and stored in the dustbin bought for the purpose ready for using in the Square Foot Gardening Bed 1

Old seeds left out for the robins and other birds

Radishes sown in the high level trug.

Cover fitted but trug a bit warped so brick put on the weight it down.

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