Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Kelsea Onion Seeds

The No.1 Exhibition Onion!

New & Exclusive to D.T.Brown

Pack Quantity: 120 Seeds 
Item code: 36613
Dispatched: Within 7 - 10 days  
Years after D.T.Browns mother stock was almost wiped out by a freak hailstorm, their pleased to announce some limited availability of Kelsae onion SEED this season. Ever since that fateful day, they been working with a UK based grower to build up enough stock to be able to offer seed once again. This is an exclusive limited release and you’ve got a chance to be the first to grow this legendary variety from seed for many years.
Having just found out that Kelsea onion seeds are available I have acquired a pack, however they are not for growing and harvesting this year, they are for sowing on December 15 or Boxing day at the latest as I want really nice large Kelsea onions in 2023.  

Around the country, the Kelsae has a reputation second-to-none and is one of the mainstays of the show circuit, producing well formed, globe-shaped onions with a glowing red tint to the skin. However, unlike many show varieties it has a wonderful sweet flavour, even when large. Whether you plan to grow for showing or to produce a heavy crop of sweet tasting, mild onions for cooking or eating raw, the Kelsae is the one to grow!

Kelsae is a ‘shy seeder’ which means that germination can be variable, this is why D.T.Brown have been able to offer plants in recent years but not seed. However, this is the first release from their new program and has been thoroughly germination tested to ensure that their high quality standards are maintained. The lab is reporting germination rates of over 90% with this first batch which is almost unheard of!
I have seeds but I'm going to grow them next year as I want to get them in early and this year I have the bases covered re onions with 3 beds worth in the ground. 

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