Friday 11 February 2022

Joe Mills - Grow With Me - Part #2

Joe has released Part #2 of his Grow With Me 2022, and this time he is sowing the Vilma tomato seeds. I'm a little busy at the moment to follow his lead straight away, but I will be growing with him as soon as I get a moment to find a similar container to grow in. 

There are people who are just at ease in front of a camera which Joe is, and there are people that are really not and have a face for radio and that kinda describes me! 

I have done a few videos in the past, but I'm just not at ease or comfortable with presenting to a camera as any visit to my YouTube Channel will prove. 

Take 1 and Take 2 of how I cut the 2.4m x 1.2m weed membrane sheets to make planting membrane and form the planting holes, to stop it fraying. This video shows why you should not use your smart phone to make videos. Behind and dong the camerawork my daughter Kelly.

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