Sunday, 27 February 2022

Making Something Out Of Nothing !

Potting Table before we unscrewed the bench shelfing and polycarbonate roof, and then found to our horror that the frame of the table had rotted as well as the joints in the tables surface and I could not overboard the table frame with scaffold boards. Those scaffold boards will now make cold frame boxes for the secondary glazing units I have.

Pallet store / onion drying rack made out of two half pallets for the cheeks and a full pallet for the back. I had offcuts from the ply cheeks I used on the plot 1 onion rack extension to the shed, and I have a number of sheets of twin wall polycarbonate sheeting that has been used for the roof. The second sheet tried fitted exactly with a 10mm overhang either side. All connections made with small metal angle brakets of various sizes and short timber screws.   

There are three roofing battens supporting each mesh shelf which are from an old  blow-a-way. The roofing battens fit in the gaps between the slats of the pallets that make up the cheeks and can be moved up and down or out completely depending what I want to do with the covered storage area.

The store could be used for growing mini and micro dwarf tomatoes, or larger tomatoes under cover, for hardening off plants before going in the ground, definitely drying onions as I've got twice as many in the ground this year.  

Pallet store / onion drying rack after we had a tidy around and need to find homes for the stuff that was in and on the original potting table. All made with re purposed and recycled materials.

If I get hold of a few more pallets I may make another one of these stores down by plot 1 to cover the compost beside the table in the photo below this text. 

The Potting Table shelfing bench with roof fits nicely on top of the garden bench behind the greenhouse on plot 1

The plastic bottom of the dog crate that I empty the potatoes in buckets onto fits exactly between the bench legs. 

I will infill the sides of the bench with some polycarbonate sheeting

Plum Tree in Blossom. 

Big in your face bumble bees all over the Plum tree in the sun today on the plot. 

Photo by Andy Steven Wooldridge.

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