Sunday 13 February 2022

Sunday Vine Works & Burn Up


Saturday I went into the garden and nearly froze my nuts off trying to sort out my space saver greenhouse, this weekend has been very windy and cold. I didn't think a Sunday visit would be on the cards as it looked like my son-In-Law may have covid. But results from a test on Saturday showed he was clear, so my eldest daughter was able to come and keep my wife and her sister company, releasing me to play on "Avalon" or my two plots 1 and 1A 

Photo above is the raspberry beds after cutting back all the winter raspberries down the the ground. 

Next job was digging a hole for the grapevine deeper than the 2 litre pot than it was currently in and then filling to a level such that when standing the pot in the hole that the top of the soil in the pot was at a similar level to that at the edges of the hole.

I used the Equigrow Peat Free Organic Green Compost which I have to say looked nice and black and lush, and filled around the 2 litre plastic pot and compacted enough such that when I pulled the pot out of the ground the shape of the pot was left as a hole.

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As all plants I placed my hand over the top of the plant inverted it (turned it upside down) and eased the plant out of the pot and laid it down in front of the hole so that I might look at the root growth and take this photo. 

With the grapevine now planted in line with the vertical wire I added clip to hold the vine in place and watered it in so that the compost at the edges of the hole would be pushed into and make a nice contact with the Equigrow peat Free Organic Green Compos.

A trip to my wood pile and I found a single length of timber more than long enough to go from kerbstone to kerbstone mini bed. I set up a number of square flower buckets and placed the bottoms of mushroom trays on top and skimmed the soil and slate fragments on them as I knew heavy rain was due in the afternoon and I'm hoping that the rain will wash off the slate. 

My intention is to use a HD quality weed membrane this time, not the stuff that has degraded under the stones in the last nine years so the bed once again looks neat. 

The root to the second old grapevine was dug and pull and as the first had headed out into the path and under the greenhouse and was chopped off. 

The apple tree and raspberry cuttings were all cut up and added to the incinerators and they were set alight using my wed burner. Because most of the contents of my incinerators was bone dry it didn't take long for it to all burn away and run clean, there was a little smoke at the start but that cleared quickly. The way the weather is at the moment no many people in the flats behind me would have their windows open. 

On getting home I found that Joe Mills had uploaded a short video and had many kind words to say about my blog and my write up on his first "Grow With Me 2022" video in the series.   

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