Saturday, 5 February 2022

Onion Seeds Redlander F1

Onion Seeds Redlander F1 - D.T.Brown - 150 seeds - Sow By December 2025 - Cost £2.99 at time of Blogging. 

I didn't get these seeds for this year as I have a whole lot of sets in the ground over wintering and more coming, I got these for Boxing day 2022 for growing on in 2023 as they are "the world's first downy mildew resistant variety, for reliable crops of delicious red globe onions." 

The web site says "expect excellent yields of mild tasting, large red bulbs which store very well when kept in cool, dark and dry conditions. The bulbs are of good quality and have a mellow flavour which is well suited for serving in summer salads".

In 2023 we will see if what the web site says is true? 

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