Thursday 10 February 2022

Sowing the Aztek Tomato Seeds

As Joe Mill has released the first video in his Grow With Me 2022 I though this lunch time I would sow some of my Aztek seeds so I'm in sync with Joes growing and can really grow in time with him. 

Now Joe in true Blue Peter style had Jenny and Thomas sowing seeds a couple of different ways two and three weeks ago so he can show those growing along with him what their seeds should look like in a couple of weeks. 

Joe talked about using Seed Compost and or Multipurpose Compost. Normally I go for Westlands Seed Compost but TESCO have not had it in yet, (well it is a little early) but what they did have in was Miracle-Gro Multipurpose Compost so I spent some time yesterday sieving the lumps and friable dross out of it to get something more akin to seed compost. 

I like a bit of an experiment every now and then and I have tried growing tomatoes of the same variety in different compost see Dalefoots V Westland MPC after they have got big enough to be potted on, however I have never tried it with seedlings! 
Until NOW.

In 1 we have Dalefoots Compost for Seeds 
In 2 we have sieved Miracle-Gro Multipurpose Compost
in 3 we have Carbon Gold Biochar Seed Compost 

Game on ......... 

For the moment the propagator in sitting on a West facing window and it's overcast but at least they are inside and warm. Once the little fellows are showing they will more than likely go into my waiting portable grow stations so they receive a good amount of light. 

Can't wait for the next Grow With Me video, as I want to follow along with Joe and not do what I normally do.  But what I'm really interested in is if there is any major difference in the three sowings.

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