Thursday 10 February 2022

Joe Mills - Grow With Me 2022

Now I have to say I have been following Joe Mills & digging for dinner, for a number of years on YouTube, and I have always enjoyed his videos. Joe is very honest about how gardening and growing vegetables is good for his mental health, which I really get. 

If you are a regular visitor to this blog then you know how valuable my plot is to me for my mental wellbeing, and I have written about Gardening For Health in the past. 

Joe has kicked off his Grow With Me 2022 series and I have jumped on board and have just received my seeds and merchandise in the form of two varieties of tomatoes one which is Aztek a micro-dwarf and the other Vilma which is a dwarf.

Looking on line I have found the following:-

Aztek patio and balcony cherry tomato, grow inside or outside is a gorgeous micro-dwarf variety, a pale milky jade when unripe and a bright canary yellow when ripe. The fruits are very large for a cherry, and look like small peaches with a pointed end. Aztek was very early and a robust fruit setter; the plant stayed small, under 250mm 10″ tall, but at least 200mm 8″ wide.

Vilma is an excellent variety for all types of container. Determinate.Cherry sized fruits with excellent flavour are produced abundantly on compact, bushy plants.

Sow indoors: March - April
Season: Annual
Harvest: July - October 
Height: 24 inches / 60cm
Temperature: 20 - 22 C
Plant Spacing: 24" /60cm
Depth: 1/8" (0.3 cm)

Although I have a collection of over 145 varieties of tomato seeds in my tomato seed bank, and have done a lot of research into mini micros and dwarf tomatoes, and grown these as at home I have a Norfolk Space Saver greenhouse these are actually two varieties of tomatoes that I have not grown before! 

The pack also included a sweet little bottle of Genovese Basil which we will be growing with Joe, a timber Grow With Me 2022 cutting board and a Joe Mills - YouTube Mental Health Awareness #flourish key ring.  

Joe places his thumb over the small pop bottle in the video but of you take a mapping pin to the screw cap of a small pop bottle you can make a very fine mini watering can for watering your seedings. 

I did buy a 1mm diameter drill bit to make larger holes when I was making the self watering pop bottle propagators for the greenhouses on the allotment.

Joe no longer has the cutting boards, but if you want to grow along with him at the time of posting this blog he still has the seeds he is using, and you can buy from him for £6 

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