Wednesday 12 August 2020

Dropping Off Apples & Uninvited Visitors.

I visited the allotment this morning after doing my first hoop iron inspection since the lockdown to drop off five buckets of apples from the back garden for the acidic composting Dalek. 

The photograph above is bed 13 on plot 1A which I covered with the blank weed membrane sheet that I forgot to take a photo off on Sunday. The path need weeding around this bed and the comfrey needs hacking back and treading to kill it off as this may not be Brocking 14 as I inherited it as it was on the original boundary of plot 1 & 1A.  I get enough Comfrey from my comfrey bed next to the shed on plot 1A for the two comfrey pipes and to use as a composting accelerant.  

The paved area at the bottom the bed 13 is where the paving slabs I laid a week last Sunday were stacked and where I intend to store the two incinerators. I also watered the squash.

Whilst I was on the plot an elderly Asian lady walled into the allotment who I had never seen before, so I challenged her and asked her which plot she was visiting?  It turns out that she lives in the converted flats behind my plots and just wanted a walk and a look around. I explained that I was leaving and that I would be locking up, and that she has no right just to wonder around the allotment, it's for plot holders and their guests only. 

It appears that we will have to lock ourselves in as other sites do in the borough if we are to prevent the curious from just wondering about. On Spencer Road site a few years ago there were some African women who were just coming into the site and using it like a supermarket and helping themselves to plot holders produce, and that was what made them start locking the gates behind themselves.

I will be asking the council / idverde to make up a sign to put on the internal gate but getting people to change their ways will be difficult.       

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