Sunday, 8 May 2022

Sunday Afternoon Visit.

No Sunday morning visit today as eldest daughter is out and about, so a visit to the allotment this afternoon was in order.

Topped up the first early potatoes in buckets done yesterday and laid coir mulch to top off the potatoes in buckets.

The other first early spuds needed a little topping up and as I had half a bag of gro-sure MPC left, so I topped the spuds up. Photo before a layer of coir mulch added

Applied teak oil to the front of the Potting Bench behind the plot 1 greenhouse, the plot 1A greenhouse can be seen in the background.

Gathered as much woodchip from the tarp on the corner of plot 1 to lay more on the path next to the greenhouse on plot 1A.

Not quite enough woodchip to finish off the path but looking batter. The red seedless grape on the wall is growing well , but I need to keep an eye on the visible damp proof course and bindweed come through from the other side as can be seen on the pallet store in the background. Way too much to hand weed so I did go round and treated all the bindweed with weed killer.

There is still some recoverable woodchips to be had from the corner of the plot. I intend to build a greenhouse frame for climbers in that corner.

View Up the plots

Another tray or Beetroots brought from home to the allotment Plot 1 Greenhouse. Watered the grapevines.

Coir Mulch block fully hydrated and bagged up.

Sugar Baby Melons and Aubergines potted on in the Space Saver Greenhouse.

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