Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunday Afternoon Visit


Kelly got back early from her weekend away, and suggested I get in a couple of hors down the allotment this afternoon. I started by weeding the mares tail from the path next to the last Raspberry bed, I also extracted half and dozen Raspberry canes, and donated them to one of the new allotment holders on the plot.

It was very sunny and warm, so once I managed to clear the path for the length of the bed I decided to move to the walking onion bed as it has a little shade.

I tied up the apple tree branch that was touching the ground because of the weight of the apples already on it, and had bind weed growing up it. The bind weed was choking some of the walking onions that had self seeded, these were cleared and some needed to be replanted. 

SGB Bed 1 watered spring onions not quite recovered from being transplanting yet. 

Collecting up and cutting Blue Water Pipes to length for the the Brassica Beds. One high sprout hoop assembled another 3 to be assembled,  and four more hoops made for the bed in front of the plot 1A greenhouse. I do have some black water pipe and I may do some 600mm diameter radius small hoops for the beds on the right of the main path to keep the birds and cats off.

I collected and many plastic lateral braces and ties that I use in building the hoop frames structures and where they had become deformed I've laid them on the framing to the beds and used the spring clamps to hold them straight in both directions so that the sun can heat them and re educate them into a straight profile along their length. 

Later in the evening I ended up watering everything in the home Space Saver Greenhouse, so many things need to be transported and planted on the allotment, and at the moment I just don't have the time to get down there and get on with it all.

Hopefully next year once the last of the infrastructure works is completed over this Winter it will be some smoother sailing, as long as my wife's health remains at it's current level and I continue to get the support of my girls allowing me to get down to the plot.

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