Monday, 9 May 2022

Silicon & Weeds

With Kelly being away next weekend, my possibility of getting down on the allotment for any significant time is really remote, as Jen is still struggling with the weakness that covid brought to her muscles and breathing.

So with Kelly working from home on a Monday, I took advantage of a couple of hours on the plot this afternoon between 2:30 - 5:15 watering with low water pressure as quite a few people had the same idea.

14 Sweetcorn Moonshine F1 - Marshalls of the 45 seeds germinated so far, I topped up the gravel tray with half an inch of water in Greenhouse 1, as it could be some time before I get back down to water. 

I spent some time clearing the floor space in Shed 1 so I can get to the planting membrane in the chest of drawers. I need to check how many planting sheets I have and in particular do I have a 105 hole planting membrane spare or do I need to make a new one.

During the clean up I found some clear silicon, and cleared the plastic tube of solid matter, so I could use it.

Once the T&G timbers on the shed shrink in the sun and dry conditions, and the joints open up, and the edges of the planking curl outwards it means that the planks T&G will never re engage even when they get and wet and saturated again. 

I used the clear silicon I found on the open joints in the T&G cladding that will let rain get into the shed, and finished the tube off on some of the panels of the greenhouse, which is what I bought the silicon for in the first place, following the winds in Jan/Feb that blew a few perspex/ polycarbonate panels out. 

The paths and beds to the Raspberries were very weedy, and there was a lot of mares tail in them. I managed to clear 3 of the four beds and paths the first path with the rubber matting didn't get cleared in todays visit and is a job for a future visit. 

The water pressure was extremely low, but I placed the sprinkler on the edge of the asparagus bed so that it would water the asparagus and the early spring Raspberries, which is one reason I didn't weed the path between or the asparagus bed this visit, again that's a job for a future visit.

Note to self

Buy some Red Cedar wood paint and touch the sheds up before the heatwave hits.

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