Thursday, 5 May 2022

Seedlings to the Allotment

A visit to the allotment to sort out and clean the Quadgrows in Greenhouse on plot 1. Two trays of sweetcorn, a tray of spring onions and a tray of French Bean Dwarf Voltage taken and placed in the clean greenhouse, which has a staging table installed.

View from the greenhouse door. Watering trays for watering from the bottom on the staging next to the trays of spring onions and Dwarf French Beans Voltage.

Staging placed back in the greenhouse. Quadgrows all clean and stacked ready for use next month.

Water Butt for filling the Quadgrows on top of blow a way staging with two trays of sweetcorn with propagator lids on the left.

The comfrey has grown mad since I took a photo a couple of weeks ago.

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