Friday 27 May 2022

Cutting Hoops for Debris Netting.

Late afternoon a visit to drop off kitchen scraps to the Dalek and to cut up black tube into 2.3m lengths to give 600mm diameter hoops for the 2m wide Debris netting given to me by Emma & Andy. A little watering in the greenhouse and on the plot some training of the red grapevine. An evening visit to take the brassicas and other plants to the plot to harden off ready for planting on Sunday afternoon now I have some debris netting and hoops.

Watered and trained the Red Grapevine along the wires.

Having brought a 50m x 2m roll of debris netting with me I measured 2.3m length of black pipe which will produce a 600mm radius low hoop frame to cover produce in the beds and protect them from the birds, squirrels and foxes. I placed the first four on the bed that already had holes in the ground from larger hoops.

The next four I stood up in one of the next beds.

I could not find the rebar I normally use to make the pilot holes, so the remaining three beds worth of 600mm radius hoops I just placed over the potatoes in buckets to warm up and take the profile and so that the sprinkler could wash off the hoops as the pipes have been stored behind my shed for a couple of years waiting for me to get around to cutting them, now I have the additional half plot and beds to play with.

So a total of 5 beds worth of shallow 600mm high hoops to cover beds, I've ordered a load more clips to hold the netting down.

Home for evening meal and then back to the allotment with tray loads of brassica plants and aubergines which I have stored safe from the cabbage whites under the netting in Square foot gardening Bed 1.

Cucumbers looking in good health and spring onions looking good and happier in the square foot gardening bed.

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